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in conjunction real estate privacy policy

at in conjunction real estate we will ensure that your personal information, collected during the normal running of our business, is protected. below we have outlined our privacy policy. we explain what information is collected and how we may use that information. if you have any questions about our policy, then please contact us.

further information on privacy in australia can be found at the australian government office of the privacy commissioner’s website

what personal information do we collect?

during our business operations, we may collect information that allows us to manage the property sales process. this information is gathered in a variety of ways associated with our day-to-day business activity. example include: –

  • “a selling agency agreement”, when we act on your behalf during the sale of your property;
  • enquiries about properties that we have listed for sale;
  • an ‘attendance sheet’, completed when buyers visit a property during an open home inspection;
  • customer information gathered via email, phone, web, and fax contact;
  • customer information gathered by requesting information from our website;
  • business-to-business contacts – information about our suppliers or the suppliers of buyers / vendors that we work with during the normal practice of selling real estate;
typically, the information that we collect is limited by the type of contact. it will often include (but is not limited to): –
  • your name and address details
  • contact details (such as phone number, mail & email addresses)
  • your requirements in terms of property-needs
  • the type of information we have supplied to you
  • the nature of enquiries (customer contact management information)

when we collect information, we only collect that information that assists us in the sales and marketing process. we do not collect or retain “sensitive” information. sensitive information is regarded as information such as race, religious beliefs, professional memberships, sexual preferences, health records, criminal addition to the information we collect, we also have access to commercial data sources that assist us in our marketing and sales activities.

how do we use this information?

we use this information to aide: –

  • the property sales process – matching buyer and vendor needs, and managing the sales process;
  • prospecting – keeping a record of prospective buyers and sellers;
  • general marketing practices – including direct marketing to provide information that we think will be of interest to you;
  • management information, producing reports that help us manage our business;
  • to meet our regulatory requirements as stipulated by our industry.

information collected via our website

general usage / visitor statistics: as with most websites, usage statistics are collected for our site each time it is accessed. the information captured includes data such as (but not limited to): –

  • number of hits, files, pages, visits per day/month;
  • time of visit;
  • visitor’s ip address (for most users, the ip address is dynamically allocated, and changes each time you log on);
  • total unique sites, urls, referrers,
  • hits, files, pages, visits, per hour / day;
  • error code information;
  • search strings used to find us,
  • user agent system / browser types;
  • country / state / suburb that enquiries originate from

unless you volunteer information, your visit is effectively anonymous, other than tracking information as above. no attempt will be made to identify you from the data collected, unless we are required to do so under law (i.e. at the request of a law enforcement agency).cookies

cookies are used to aide communication from your desktop and our website – they enable effective website navigation. cookies may be either “persistent” (reside on your computer’s hard drive) or “session-based” (where they are stored in memory. our site only uses session-based cookies, and cannot be used to run programs or corrupt your system in any way.

information volunteered via our website

we have a wealth of information available on our site. much of this is available in ‘real time’ by selecting the appropriate menu options. there are also “contact” screens where you can contact us, make an appointment, request alert services, and request additional information. when you use on of these contact screens, the data you enter will be automatically be added to our contact management database (just as if you contact us by phone/email/etc.). we may use this information to contact you at a later data (via phone, email etc.).   this may occur even if your number is registered with the “do not call register” (we assume that you are giving us permission to use the information you have provided.

if at any time you wish to be removed from our contact database (or stop receiving marketing materials ot other free information) we will attempt to satisfy your request.

when you sign our guestbook, we will (at our discretion) post your comments onto our website.  first names + location (if provided) may be posted along with the comment.

keeping information secure

we take all reasonable care with our data. data is held in a secure environment and access is permitted only to authorized personnel. however, where data is transmitted via the internet there are inherent risks over which we have little or no control. for those that prefer not to use the internet for passing us information, we recommend direct contact (in person or via phone) or australia post.

keeping information accurate

we strive to keep information accurate and current. you may contact us to access or correct personal information at any time. we will delete your personal information on your request (or at our discretion) unless there are (or is potential for) legal ramifications of doing so (i.e. if the action may prejudice law enforcement process, poses a serious threat to life of an individual, or impacts on another’s privacy).

if, for any reason, we are unable to satisfy your request to update or delete personal information, we will aim to inform you of the reasons.

information disclosure

information collected will only be used by in conjunction real estate unless required by law (or law enforcement agencies) your information will not be sold or disclosed to third parties without your consent.

the exception to this will be: –

  1. in the normal running of the sales process (i.e. sales advice to solicitors/conveyancers, contract details, etc.);
  2. if you attend an open home or private inspection and/or make an offer on a property your name may be disclosed to the vendor;
  3.  if we are engaged in conjunction agreements with other agents your details may be passed to that agent for the purpose of showing you properties that you have expressed an interest in viewing.

changes to our privacy policy

from time-to-time our privacy policy may be subject to change, or clarification. when this occurs, we will update the policy on our website. please check back regularly for the latest information.


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